MW by numbers:

  1. According to clinical studies, the effective treatment of alopecia requires daily exposure to 4J/cm2 of power to a depth of 1 cm from a distance of 10-15 cm for 20 minutes.

  2. The power of one laser diode is 5mW.

mW is a simple calculation:

To affect the V stage of alopecia effectively (which equals approximately 27-30 cm2), 270 to 300 laser diodes are needed.

Math gives us a quick answer to the question: “How many diodes should be in the hair laser helmet for the treatment to be effective?“.

The answer is simple: the model should have between 270 to 300 laser diodes.

Lasercaps 272 and PRO has the necessary number of laser diodes for effective scalp treatment.

So the cost of a laser hair growth helmet would be irrelevant if it has six, twelve, or more diodes (but less than 270).

This method of hair restoration would be absolutely ineffective for treating baldness.

The power of one laser diode is 5mW. This should be X the amount of lasers = Overall power per session should give you the total.


Example: 5mW X 272 Laser diodes = 1360mW per treatment.


As soon as any new model of gadget appears in one part of the world, in a day or two, it will be on sale at the other end of the globe. Technologies are so advanced today, that copying and reproduction takes a few hours, but… all that glitters is not gold.

Technology compliance is very important for a laser helmet to work effectively (so that you would at least have the chance to get the result that you expect).

It’s not enough to just shove LED lights in a laser hat. Yes, it will look just like lasers to a person who doesn’t know much about it, but in reality, that type of device would be totally ineffective. So you are free use any laser helmet, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the results you want.

Why are we buying this trick? Usually because these devices are cheap and the cost of hair restoration, in this case, will be low. You take the wrong path hoping to save money.


A laser helmet should have 272 red laser diodes with a wavelength of 650nm (LLLT 650nm). Only then can we talk about the right conditions for hair growth therapy.

Lasercaps mw graph NEW with image.png


LASERCAPS 272 - 30mins = 5mW x 272 laser diodes = 1360mW per treatment.

LASERCAPS 272PRO - 7mins = 5.14mW x 272 laser diodes = 1398mW per treatment.