Our new electric scalp EMS Massager with 7500 times micro vibration per minute, can effectively and gently sooth nerves. gently massage the acupoints on the head. This device is rechargeable and easy to use with any hair oils "LSR - Lasercaps brand", serums and minoxidil to help absorb deep into the folicles. This unique device is compact and portable to take anywhere.


Hair Growth Comb Features:

  •  Hair growth/hair care/anti-hair loss
    The comb liquid tank can be added with any hair care liquid including "Minoxidil", the nutrition directly reach the hair root by the rolling ball comb teeth to achieve the effect of hair growth/hair care/anti-hair loss.

  • Vibration massage
    Microwave vibrate the scalp, promote blood circulation in the brain, relaxe the brain, relieve nervous tension

  • EMS and -ION nutrition lead-in
    The powerful lead-in function of EMS and -ION directly reach the subcutis, making the hair care products more easily absorbed by the scalp.

  • Infrared electromagnetic wave
    Infrared electromagnetic waves called "light of life" effectively activate scalp cells and promote circulating metabolism

  • Comb Teeth ( 22 pieces )

  • Liquid Oulet Teeth ( 23 pieces )

  • Built in Infared Lamps ( 6 pieces )

Helps with:

  •  Quickly activate the hair follicle root nerve and capillary, relieve brain fatigue, reduces mental pressure.
  •  Relieve head pain, promote metabolism, maintain brain health, massage specific acupoints on the head to improve sleep quality.
  •  You can add Hair Growth Liquid "Minoxidil", Serums or nutrient solution into the water tank, liquid will outflow with the vibration massage which nourish the hair.
  •  Energize the scalp from the source, reduce hair loss and dandruff, deeply care for hair and scalp.</