If you’re trying to use Hair Fibers on a hard to reach place, like the crown or near the hairline, the Spray Applicator allows you to spray the Hair Fibers exactly and only where you need them. It’s usually ideal for smaller areas of thin or thinning hair, since you can target the Hair Fibers into a specific area. It also works well to disguise partings, cover up root regrowth, or blend hair extensions. The Spray Applicator is easy to attach, but just keep in mind that it only works with the Regular size (12g) and Large size (27.5g) Hair Fibers bottles....

Toppik Spray Applicator

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    Lasercaps is a medical therapy laser device specifically designed for the management of hair loss in both men and women. Our company is focused on developing the world’s most technologically advanced Laser Phototherapy (LPT) devices along with complementary, superior scalp products. Lasercaps is committed to restoring health and confidence in people all around the globe by bringing affordable, clinical strength hair rejuvenation therapies into the home.

    We are revolutionizing the hair restoration market by raising its standards of performance and innovation while partnering with top leaders in the industry. We rely on the scientific laws that govern Laser Phototherapy and optimum scalp health restoration to offer our customers superior products that are clinically proven to be safe, effective, and for a fraction of the cost.

    Our at home, innovative hair growth products combine power, convenience, and affordability with a simple brilliance that is unique to Lasercaps with our new 148 or 272 laser diodes which is our most popular device, each with 5mW of power. Our red laser wavelengths of 650 nm is subsequently disseminated to cover the affected scalp.

    At Lasercaps, we believe that high quality, compassion, and integrity always come hand-in-hand.



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