Frequently asked questions

How long does my order take to process and for it to be delivered?

All orders can take between 1 and 2 working days to process. Each Lasercap is tested and checked before delivery and posted the next working day. We will notify you on the process of your order and forward you the tracking number. Please note we only process orders from Monday to Friday unless it is a Bank Holiday or any Public Holidays.

Are LASERCAPS FDA approved?

Yes LASERCAPS LLLT technology are certified by the CE,FC and FDA approved and EU standards. Please note that only the USA require an FDA certification to sell OTC (Over the counter products). These certifications are usually processed on the back of the original manufacturing companies who produce the product so these companies can have there own brand name printed on the certification. So in fact the item is exactly same and has been certified in exactly the same way. In Europe you are required for all products to have a CE certificate, however our products have both. Our lasercap has the exact laser wavelengths 650nw and amount of diodes of the already highly approved "Capillus" laser device. Our lasercaps are made to a high standard and yet we are more competative on price. We offer 2 types of diodes 148 and 272 which is the standard requirement for LLLT. All diodes and electronics are produced by the main factory USA / SHENZHEN where they supply and support other manufacturing companies who make the outer shell and copper cooling plates for our devices. The manufacturing company is registered and certified and produces the same product for other international laser cap brands like "Grivamax", "Redrestore" and many more who are based in the USA. We offer the same high standard and value for money for the same product,as we believe in integrity and loyality to help those who suffer with Hair loss or Alopecia.

How long is the warranty?

If you have purchased your Lasercap 272,148 directly for our website, you are automatically registered for our new 5-years manufacturers warranty. If you purchased a Lasercap 272 or 148 from an Authorized Seller: LASERCAPS on AMAZON or ( Ebay), please click HERE to register your product upon receipt to qualify for the 5-year manufacturers warranty.

Please note: The warranty will be declared null and void for all laser helmets purchased from non-authorized resellers (for example, non eBay sellers). or other sellers on Amazon

( A.D.Y.A Industries ltd ) who are pretending to sell our products and are currently being investigated by our team.

What is the difference between your 5-year warranty and your extended warranty?

Each Lasercap 272 or 148 comes with a 5-year manufacturer limited warranty.

LASERCARE extends your coverage from 5-year to and extra 3-years from the original purchase date of your Lasercap and this covers for any technical faults and accidental damage coverage. You also receive a Travel Case to store away your lasercap safely from damage. We will also recieve a discount code for a 50% off spare battery pack.

To purchase your LASERCARE just click HERE.

Please note: LASERCARE is only available for orders shipped to the U.K addresses.

Can I return my Laser cap if I am not happy?

All returns must be sent back to us within 14 days from the date you received the item. If you are unhappy with your Laser cap we will be happy to refund your purchase, providing the item has been returned in the same, new condition it was sent to you. Please note batteries can not be returned, as these have to be seen as not been used. If for any reason we find that the item has been damaged or used (under Health and safety guarantee) we would be unable to refund you under our terms and conditions policy.

What is Lasercaps and how does it work?

The Lasercaps is a home-use medical device indicated to treat hair loss in men and women with androgenic alopecia. It is a light and flexible cap, lined with laser diodes, and designed to be worn discretely underneath most hats. Lasercaps is powered by a portable and rechargeable battery pack, and when turned on, it illuminates your hair follicles with 650 nm red light. This specific kind of light can be absorbed by the cells of your hair follicles where it is converted into energy that is used to promote hair growth. This is a treatment called Low-Level-Laser Therapy, or LLLT, which has been shown in many high quality studies to be effective at treating thinning and balding due to androgenic alopecia.

How many different kinds of Lasercaps do you provide ?

We provide three different models of the Lasercaps - the Lasercap 148, the Lasercap 272, and the new Lasercap 272Pro. These differ in price point, area of coverage, and a dose of energy delivered per treatment. For more information about the different LaserCap models please visit our products.

Which Lasercap model is right for me?

We can help you to make this decision. However, in general, the standard size of Lasercap 148 and Lasercap 272 will be suitable for most patients. Between these two models, the 272 may be more suitable for patients with more advanced hair loss. The Lasercap Pro is best suited for patients with V stage alopecia or diffuse thinning.

How often do I need to use Lasercaps?

It is recommended you use Lasercap for 30 minutes every other day. This allows the hair follicles to rejuvenate. If you see a physician he may recommend an alternative treatment protocol, especially when using minoxidll or any other drug related product.

How long until I see results?

If you are compliant with your treatment protocol, typically you will have noticeable improvement in 4 to 6 months.

Can I use Lasercaps along with other medications or supplements for hair loss?

Yes. Lasercaps is effective in combination with all other medications for hair loss including minoxidil and finasteride. In fact, several studies have shown that Low-Level-Light Therapy in combination with these medications improves their efficacy. We now offer our latest in Minoxidil lotion with added Pro vitamin B and Ginseng for added suuport to condition the scalp.

Can I use Lasercaps after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Yes. Lasercaps will not negatively affect the results of hair transplant surgery. In fact, some doctors may recommend Lasercaps after hair transplant surgery to maintain non-transplanted hair in problem areas. Some experts furthermore hypothesize that Low-Level-Light Therapy may enhance the survival and healing of transplanted grafts post-surgery.

Can I use Lasercaps after other procedures for hair loss,such as Plate-Rich Plasma Injections or Microneedling?

Yes. LaserCap is effective in combination with all procedural based treatments for hair loss that are designed to restore a person's natural hair.

Can I use Lasercaps along with a Dermaroller?

Yes. Lasercaps and dermarolling, a form of microneedling, are effective in combination with each other.

Will I maintain my results if I stop using Lasercaps?

Like all other non surgical-treatments for hair-loss, improvements may gradually decrease if use is discontinued.

Does Lasercaps have any side effects?

Lasercap results may vary between patients. A very small % of patients experience a reversal of their hair loss, whereas for others the progression of their hair loss may stop or slow. Patients with advanced hair loss may also not attain meaningful results with Lasercaps alone especially if the hair follicies have completely gone. These characteristics are common to all non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

Is shedding normal when I use Lasercaps?

Yes. Similar to minoxidil some patients will experience shedding particularly when they first begin treatment. This is a normal part of the hair regrowth process.

How long is my Lasercap expected to last?

The predicted lifespan of a Lasercap is 5-10 years or over 20,000 hours. However, we have patients who have been using the same device for over a decade, with no need for repair or replacement.

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee ?

At present we do not offer a Money Back Guarantee, as we feel we offer a high quality product for a more competative price compared to other brands. When you are using LLLT it is important that you use it regularly, as each stage can be different depending on the person and therefore it is impossible to predict that you will see full results within a 6 month Money Back Guarantee time frame. Most of these money back guarantee offers are misleading and take an average of 20% or more on the purchase price, restocking fee or return fee. If the item is returned in a poor condition after the money back period has finished, you are usually charged a higher percentage returning fee, or the item is simply just returned to the purchaser. Please always check the small print on the terms and conditions.

Do you have a UK service department ?

Yes we have a UK based service centre, who repair and replace parts under the warranty guarantree. We carry a selection of spare parts in stock, however those parts which are not in stock only usually take 5-7 days to order. Any issues regarding your Lasercaps,then please contact us at:


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