How Long Does the Warranty Last?

All Lasercaps 272,148 laser helmets purchased through Lasercaps.co.uk. and authorized resellers come with our new  3-year limited warranty. Each Lasercap we produce come with its own unique serial number, which we register automatically with each customer. This unique serial number relates only to that lasercap and customer which relates to the warranty guarantee.

The warranty will be declared null and void for all laser helmets purchased from non-authorized resellers, especially if the serial number doesn't match against our system. Lasercaps.co.uk warrants its laser helmets against any defects in materials, laser diode faults and loose connections from workmanship for a period of 3 year from the date of the original retail purchase date. Our technical service department is based in the UK, Where if you receive any issues with your lasercap, our technician will be available to help you. Our technician will contact you within 24 hours after receiving the item, or we will send you a brand new replacement if the item can not be fixed. 

Please note: Our new 3-year warranty is only affective to customers who purchase in April 2021 and customers who purchased before this date will be covered under the 2 years. The warranty does not cover you for accidental damage or misuse. Batteries are only guaranteed for 12 months, as we cant control the misuse of batteries which have not been completely drained down before recharging. Please be aware that by not allowing the battery to completely drain down before recharging, this will age the lithium battery much quicker than expected. Even if there is only one blue light left, this will still power the lasercap for at least another 2-3 sessions before switching itself off.  


How Do I Qualify for the 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty?

If you purchased the Lasercaps 272,148 directly from Lasercaps.co.uk, you have been automatically registered for our 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you purchased the Lasercaps 272,148 from an Authorized Reseller, please click here to register your product upon receipt to qualify for the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty using the unique serial number provided on the card. 

Please note: The warranty will be declared null and void for all laser helmets purchased from non-authorized resellers.

(If you are unsure please email us : info@lasercaps.co.uk ).

Where Can I Register My Lasercap 272,148?

Please register your Lasercap with its unique serial number by visiting Registration Form.

What Is Different Between Your Warranty and Your Extended Warranty?

Every Lasercap 272,148 comes with a 3-year manufacturer limited warranty. Lasercare for Lasercaps extends your coverage from 3 year to a 6 year from the original purchase date of your Lasercap and adds technical fault and accidental damage coverage. Purchase your Lasercare by visiting: www.lasercaps.co.uk/shop.

Please note: Lasercare is only available for orders shipped to U.K. addresses.